Taste your coffee again. For the first time.

Our Coffee Foodservice is the division dedicated to hotels, restaurant and cafeteria professionals, offering products, accessories, advice and services designed to respond to the needs of this market segment, to which Dreiheit House have always paid the utmost attention.

These are the advantages you get with Foodservice:

  • A large range of blends to satisfy all your clients’ requests.
  • Lots of innovative accessories and products to make your venue more functional and attractive.
  • The opportunity to participate in an educational programme that will teach you how to make the perfect Espresso and Cappuccino Art, and recognise the products’ sensory characteristics.
  • A dedicated network around the country for pre-and post-sales support.
  • Specific courses on the world of marketing, visual merchandising and café management.
  • Consulting on the choice of products and accessories based on your target market.

Through our Foodservice Division, Dreiheit House is committed to offer you the very best for your professional activity: contact us right away to discover what’s in store for you!

Coffee Origins
If you are looking for gourmet coffee beans, we are pleased to help create your own blend, always freshly roasted, from the following origins.
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