Forte Filterbag Program

Forte Filterbag
Inspired by nature, motivated by demand…

Each single-cup serving of these premium-grade blends are the finest infusions that can be experienced in a bag. A delicious selection, the result of sustainable and tracable farming practices using eco-friendly, biodegradable tea bags. Each individually wrapped Forte Filterbag is a simple, economical luxury that affords guests a wonderful taste encounter that delights the palate and complements their experience.

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Forte Filterbag

USDA certified organic, each single-cup serving of these premium-grade teas is the finest infusion you will experience in a teabag. Eco-friendly biodegradable filterbags are presented in 100% recyclied paper boxes. Economically priced for enjoyed many cups a day.

We recommend 8 selections of premium teas to complements the cuisine:

English Breakfast
A dark and rich superb Assam black tea
  Earl Grey
Assam leaves with an aromatic liquoring of citrus bergamot
Chamomile Citron
A soothing blend with flowers with a zest of citrus
  Jasmine Green
Prized, intoxicatingly fragrant, jasmine blossom green tea
Estate Darjeeling
The champagne of teas, delicious and fragrant
  Moroccan Mint
Refreshing, hand-rolled green tea and cooling nana mint
Ginger Lemongrass
Citrusy herbs blended with an enlivening tingle of ginger
  Green Mango Peach
Heady nectar of mangos and lush sweet peach

Tea Forte offers many different ways of presenting tea attractively and systematically, including ways of promoting self-service for your guests.

presentation3   Bamboo Presentation Box
Refillable bamboo box for banquet and table side presentation. Holds 80 filterbags.
12.4 x 7.8 x 3.8”
display-rack   Display Rack
Attractive platinum wire rack neatly display six to eight boxes. Stand on a countertop or mount on a wall.
10.0 x 6.0 x 16.8”


For your guests who enjoy their tea with extras …

Tea Training
The prefect training for your staff

Dreiheit House not only supplies teas with all the accompanying concepts for handling and presenting tea, we also trains your staff. They learn how to handle exquisite teas, how to prepare them and how to serve them to perfection to your guests.