Pyramid Infuser Program

Tea Forte Signature Pyramids
Combing serenity and sophistication with an appreciation for great artistry. Tea Forte’s handcrafted pyramid silken infuser is the quintessential experience. Placed into a cup, the infuser is designed to allow the delicate leaves to luxuriantly unfurl in the hot water, offering up their complex characteristics, producing a deliciously aromatic and flavorful cup.

A whole range of black and green teas, herbal and fruit infusions – mono, blended or flavored, packaged in pyramid bulk packs for exquisite enjoyment. Simply add boiling water, keep to the infusion times, and your tea is ready. Your guests will even enjoy making it themselves.

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Pyramid Bulk Packs

These compact boxes hold 48 infusers, sealed in four freshness trays of twelve. Brief description and brewing specifics are on each end label. Tea Forte Signature Pyramids offer your guests an accomplished selection of 36 exquisite varieties.

We recommend 8 selections of premium teas to complements the cuisine:

English Breakfast
A dark and rich superb Assam black tea
  Earl Grey
Assam leaves with an aromatic liquoring of citrus bergamot
Chamomile Citron
A soothing blend with flowers with a zest of citrus
  Jasmine Green
Prized, intoxicatingly fragrant, jasmine blossom green tea
Estate Darjeeling
The champagne of teas, delicious and fragrant
  Moroccan Mint
Refreshing, hand-rolled green tea and cooling nana mint
Ginger Lemongrass
Citrusy herbs blended with an enlivening tingle of ginger
  Green Mango Peach
Heady nectar of mangos and lush sweet peach
Brewing Equipment & Accessories

Coordinate with our accessories to enhance your guest tea drinking experience. We’d be happy to help you make your selection.

solstice   Solstice Presentation
The classic lines of a traditional tea service are updated with comtemporary square forms. A sophisticated porcelain ensemble dramatically presented on a sleek, ebonized hardwood tray.
sontu   SONTU Presentation
Serenity and focus, design and function, Tea Forte’s hand-blown glassware is aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Each piece showcases the beauty of our silken infusers and jewel-like teas.
cafe-cup   Café Cup Presentation
Transform every cup of tea into a ritual of calm and focus with our custom designed Café Cup collection. This is the signature Tea Forte presentation.

Tea Forte offers many different ways of presenting tea attractively and systemtically, including ways of promoting self-service for your guests.

presentation-tray   Presentation Tray
A modern approach to tableside or banquet presentation. A solid hardwood tray with polished metal inlays. Holds 24 infusers.
12.5 x 9.0 x 0.8”
presentation-case   Presentation Case
The traditional tableside presentation box. Solid hardwood. Holds 24 infusers.
13.8 x 1.7 x 11.3”
acrylic-kitchen-stand   Acrylic Kitchen Stand
Fast and easy back-of-the-house access. This kitchen stand keeps blends organized.
7.5 x 10.0 x 11.5”

For your guests who enjoy their tea with extras…

Tea Training
The perfect training for your staff

Dreiheit House not only supplies tea with all the accompanying concepts for handling and presenting tea, we also trains your staff. They learn how to handle exquisitet teas, how to prepare them and how to serve them to perfection to your guests.