Our Tea Blends
  • Black TeaOpen or Close

    Black tea is the most intensively processed type of tea. The leaves are allowed to fully oxidize, creating their black color before they are dried, giving black tea more complexity, more astringency and fewer vegetal overtones than are typically found in other teas. Astringency is the “dry mouth” sensation left by tannins in tea, familiar to drinkers of a cabernet sauvignon, or other wine. It is this astringency that pairs so nicely with dairy and sweetener. Achieving the right balance of astringency is one of the leading indicators of quality in a black tea.   Featured Blend
    Coconut Chocolate Truffle
    This delectable and decadent organic black tea begins with the smooth and seductive taste of chocolate cacao nibs and creamy island coconut. A hint of hazelnut is added for an entrancing tropical truffle.
    Our Black Teas
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    Black Currant   Bombay Chai   Coconut Chai Latte   Coconut Chocolate Truffle
    Lush and fruity with soothingly sweet floral notes   Rich Imperial spices for a flavorful cup of exotica   Zesty cinnamon and clove with island coconut   Seductive chocolate and island coconut
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    Decaf Breakfast   Earl Grey   English Breakfast   Estate Darjeeling
    Robust and entrancing. Enjoy with a splash of milk   Assam leaves with an aromatic liquoring of citrus bergamot   A dark and rich superb Assam black tea   The champangne of teas, delicious and fragrant
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    Forté   Forté Breakfast   Hazelnut Truffle   Iced Ceylon Gold
    Our signature blend, sprinkled with delicate jasmine flowers.   Classic breakfast tea at its finest.   Rich dark chocolate enrobed with hints of hazelnut   Our refreshing black tea raises the bar on a well-loved classic.
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    Iced Pomegranate Blackberry   Lapsang Souchong   Orange Pekoe   Orchid Vanilla
    Crisp, black tea infused with pomegrante and berries   Rare leaves smoked over pinewood embers.   Rich in flavor, yet mellow and fulfilling. Simply delicious.   Black tea with Madagascar vanilla and the taste of coconut.
    17   18   19    
    Silkroad Chai   Sweet Orange Spice   Vienna Cinnamon  
    A blend with ginger, cardamon & cinnamon   Fruity notes of citrus with the zing of cinnamon   Naturally sweet cinnamon blended with finest black tea.  
  • Green TeaOpen or Close

    Green Tea, best known for its grassy vegetal notes and greenish liquor and leaves, is quickly steamed or pan-fired to denature the oxidizing enzymes and preserve the tea’s characteristic freshness. While all tea is antioxidant-rich, some speculate that the minimal processing undergone by green tea allows more antioxidants to reach your final cup. Without oxidation, green teas must be steeped more carefully, as they can become bitter if steeped too long or at too hot of a temperature. Never steep green tea with boiling water; near boiling or even cooler will produce much better results.   Featured Blend
    Lemon Sorbetti
    Based on Italy’s most celebrated sorbet, this green tea is married with fragrantly fresh citrus and the sweetness of wildflower honey. A delicious taste of dessert any time of the day.
    Our Green Teas
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    Cherry Marzipan   China Gunpowder   Coconut Mango Colada   Cucumber Mint
    Tart-sweet acerola cherries and nutty toasted almond   Hand-rolled “pearl tea” with distinctive oak taste   Green tea lush with sweet mango and coconut   Cucumber fruit, fresh mint and blueberries
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    Green Mango Peach   Honey Yuzu   Iced Green Mango Peach   Jasmine Green
    Heady nectar of mangos and lush sweet peach   Yuzu sweetened with full blossom flower pollen   Heady nectar of mangos and lush sweet peach   Prized, intoxicatingly fragrant, jasmine blossom green tea
    9   10   11   12
    Jasmine Pearls   Lemon Sorbetti   Moroccan Mint   Mu Yu You Lan
    Tightly rolled, jasmine scented rare green tea   Fragrantly fresh citrus and organic green tea   Refreshing, hand-rolled green tea and cooling nana mint   Flowery aroma and honey-sweet character
    13   14   15    
    Oasis   Sencha   Zhejiang Genmai Cha    
    Finest green tea, hand-picked blossoms with a citrus finish   A soothing taste with fresh vegetal notes   Organic green tea and organic roasted brown rice    
  • Herbal TeaOpen or Close

    Our herbals are blended with lavishly delicious flavors, from famously soothing mints to exotic ingredients like cacao, fennel, anise, cardamom and lemongrass to succulent, juicy fruits like raspberry, orange, apple and even tart but deliciously sweet pomegranate.   Featured Blend
    Blueberry Merlot
    Deep taste of succulent summer-sweet blueberries with a wisp of sage to heighten an excellent cup. Corkscrew not required.
    Our Herbal Teas
    1   2   3   4
    African Solstice   Apple Pomegranate   Apricot Amaretto   Belgian Mint
    A rooibos herb blend of sweet berries and blossoms   A vibrant blend of pomegranate and fruity apple   A double delight of apricot and peach with notes of almond   Deep chocolate decadence with the enticement of mint
    5   6   7   8
    Blueberry Merlot   Chamomile Citron   Cherry Cosmo   Citrus Mint
    Succulent blueberries with a subtle wisp of sage   A soothing blend with flowers with a zest of citrus   Cherries and raspberries with hibiscus blossoms   A refreshing tea with peppermint and citrus
    9   10   11   12
    Coco Truffle   Crimson Nectar   Flora   Ginger Lemongrass
    Finest cacao infused with fennel, licorice and cardamon   A hibiscus-based herbal with a buttery finish   Hibiscus petals with the zong of cinnamon and sweet licorice   Citrusy herbs blended with an enlivening tingle of ginger
    13   14   15   16
    Harvest Apple Spice   Iced Raspberry Nectar   Kiwi Lime Ginger   Lemongrass Mint
    Crisp taste of ripe red apples and spices   Succulent raspberries with ruby-hued hibiscus flowers   Fresh citrus complemented by the taste of ginger   A blend with lemon myrtle & spearmint
    17   18   19   20
    Lemon Lavender   Lemon Vervain   Mojito Marmalade   Orange Pomegranate
    Soft citrus notes mingle with a potpourri of flowers and herbs   A relaxing, herbal blend with a hint of lemon   Lush citrus with spearmint and high-mountain rooibos   Fruity rosehip and hibiscus herbal tea
    21   22   23   24
    Peach Jubilee   Peppermint Basil   Raspberry Brulee   Raspberry Nectar
    Sweet & spicy peachy notes blended with rich rooibos   A soothing blend of peppermint, basil and ginseng.   Raspberries with ruby-hued hibiscus flowers   Succulent raspberries with ruby-hued hibiscus flowers.
    25   26   27   28
    Sweet Ginger Plum   Swiss Apple   Wild Berry Hibicus   Winter Chai
    Fruit and blossoms, with cinnamon and ginger   Fresh apples, Alpine chocolate and a tingle of cinnamon   Juicy berries, punctuated with aromatic hibiscus flowers.   Chai spices in a seasonal rooibos herbal tea
  • Oolong TeaOpen or Close

    The oolongs are a first cousin once removed from the black teas. Oolong tea is partially oxidized to lie somewhere between black and green. While the look is more along the lines of black teas, the taste is closer to the green teas but with a touch more oomph and a rounded mouthfeel. Oolongs are commonly produced in the Fujian province of China and on the island of Taiwan, formerly called Formosa, from which one of the more famouse oolong teas is named.   Featured Blend
    Silk Oolong
    A unique mountain climate gives this rare tea its astonishing character. Smooth and buttery, this tea is a true work of handcrafted art.
    Our Oolong Teas
    1   2   3    
    Da Hong Pao Red Robe   Formosa Oolong   Silk Oolong    
    A peachy and sweet-scented exceptional tea   Bolder than green teas, slightly nutty and lightly roasted   Delicated and astonishing character from this oolong    
  • Rooibos TeaOpen or Close

    Rooibos tea is a South African shrub known as “red bush” having flat acuminate leaves and yellow flowers; leaves are aromatic when dried and used to make an herbal teas. Rooibos is not a true tea, but a herb. The brew made from the dried Rooibos leaves is therefore a herbal infusion (known as tisane) rather than a tea, but is widely known as Rooibos tea. Rooibos has a distinctive color, flavour and aroma, which differentiates it from most other teas.
    Our Rooibos Teas
    1   2   3   4
    African Solstice   Apricot Amaretto   Harvest Apple Spice   Kiwi Lime Ginger
    A rooibos herb blend of sweet berries and blossoms   A double delight of apricot and peach with notes of almond   Crisp taste of ripe red apples and spices   Fresh citrus complemented by the taste of ginger
    5   6   7   8
    Mojito Marmalade   Peach Jubilee   Swiss Apple   Winter Chai
    Lush citrus with spearmint and high-mountain rooibos   Sweet & spicy peachy notes blended with rich rooibos   Fresh apples, Alpine chocolate and a tingle of cinnamon   Chai spices in a seasonal rooibos herbal tea
  • White TeaOpen or Close

    While white teas are “less processed” than greens, they are usually somewhat more oxidized. Mild oxidation occurs during the “wilting” stage, when white tea is air-dried after it is first picked. White tea is then backed and dried further, and it may be very lightly rolled, but little is done to change what is picked from the plant. One way to tell that white tea is slightly oxidized is that white teas don’t usually need to be steeped as carefully as greens. Steeping white tea with boiling water or for longer time periods can still produce good results.   Featured Blend
    White Cinnamon Sage
    This refined organic rare white tea is heightened with the zing of cassia cinnamon and an undertone of wispy sage. Balanced with roasted taste of South African Cape honeybush for an exceptionally crafted cup.
    Our White Teas
    1   2   3   4
    Iced Lavender Citrus   Iced White Ginger Pear   Lavender Citrus   Lychee Coconut
    A crisp blend of delicate lavender and citrusy lemon   Pai Mu Tan white tea with sweet pear and ginger   A blend with grapefruit, bergamot & violet   Tropical notes of sweet lychee and fresh cut coconut
    5   6   7   8
    Peach Rhubarb Preserve   Silver Needles   Tangerine Rosemary   Tupelo Honey Fig
    White tea and savory rhubarb and the sweet taste of peaches   Classic fine white tea from China   A fruit garden cup of rare white tea and fragrant rosemary   A summer medley of sweet figs and the taste of honey
    9   10   11   12
    White Ambrosia   White Ginger Pear   White Cinnamon Sage   Wild Apple Ginger
    White tea with sweet notes of vanilla and island coconut   Pai Mu Tan white tea with sweet pear and the zing of ginger   White tea with the zing of cinnamon and a wisp of sage   White tea with spicy ginger and the sweet taste of apple

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