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As tea lovers, we’ve come to enjoy tea in myriad of forms. Brewed loosely or in pre-prepared filtered infusers. Brewed then flash chilled. And, lately, even as a means to infuse alcoholic beverages with the exotic flavors of their various blends.
Infusing alcoholic drinks is relatively new. We discovered that if hot water is good at releasing the wonderful flavor of tea, alcohol is even better. And now its possible to “infuse” any number of spirits like vodkas, gins and rums with the exotic flavors found in various tea blends of teas and spices to create fabulous takes on traditional cocktails. While leaving open the possibility of coming up with a few new ones of your own.
This season we are pleased to introduce four new recipes that are perfect for entertaining. Our Chai Egg Nog is a new twist on an old favorite, as with our Bombay Cider and Silkroad Chai Apple Toddy. For something new and different we suggest our Serenade Spritzer.
If you have a recipe you’d like to submit to our site, please write to us at Dreiheit House Recipes. We’re always looking for new innovative twists to our Spirited Teas™ Cocktail Infusions.

try these cocktail infused recipes
cocktail 1   cocktail 2   cocktail 3   cocktail 4
Fizzy Forte Rita   Bombay Cider   Chai Eggnog   Vodka Fortini
cocktail 5   cocktail 6   cocktail 7   cocktail 8
Silkroad Chai   Wild Mint Mojito   Bergamont Shooter   Asbury Iced Tea

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